Let's talk about Public Issues and Politics!

The photo below is from the recent election on July 2 2016. Some of the candidates were speaking at Falun Dafa who are persecuted Chinese and other nationalities who simply enjoy meditation, feeling enlightened and have a spirituality.

How wrong is it people are persecuted for such a thing?

It also happens every day here in Australia a supposed free and democratic country... it happens to women and children fleeing domestic violence, the elderly, the mentally ill. Veterans and young people with disabilities and the homeless are persecuted by big companies and the rich and wealthy. Now I'm not going to go on about us v's them... its simply a case of there's nothing wrong with being rich and wealthy as long as you pay your way! 

It's called Balance...and this country is way out of Balance!

So Let's Talk about these Public Issues and Politics

I am a normal everyday person and I am disappointed at how government and bureaucracy treat people, especially hard working or disabled and neglected Australians...something must be done!

I stand for People not factions or 2 party politics.

Welcome to my web site where I am standing as a candidate for the seat of Fadden in the Australian House of Representatives in the 2016 Election. I am the nominated and endorsed candidate for the Veterans party. This election will be one of the most important elections since Federation. Australia has a choice, more of the same, Liberal then Labor, Boom then Bust and the constant battle for equity and equality. Or, vote for a minority party and get sound and robust government and representation. That word is so important, representation. Websters describes it as "the act of doing something on behalf of another or others." Not for ones self, ones faction or ones party! When you enter the voting booth on the 2nd July I only hope that Australians think about that. Some say minor parties wont make a difference. That is simply not so. It is more than possible that there will be 14-18 house of representatives minor party parliamentarians and 12-15 senators from minor parties. These minor parties can make strong representation in a minority government.This wont divide Australia it will make Australia stronger, more divergent, less mean and better managed for all Australians. I dont want to tie the mongrels down I just want to keep the bastards honest!