About Me

My Family enjoying Christmas morning 2015.

At the time of starting the writing of this (Feb-Mar 2016) for my web page my son was nearly 17 months old and I was half way between 56 and 57. This has a lot to do with where I am coming from and with how I want to have an effect on the direction of Australia.

I was a RAAF brat and my first real job was 6 years in the RAAF myself. I wasn’t allowed or didn’t get a second term in the RAAF due to illness from service activity. I was told to get my affairs in order which was devastating as I was 1 year married and had just purchased a home. After a year’s re-cooperation and rehabilitation in and at 1mil hospital and still being here I decided to enter into the finance industry.

I became a mortgage banker eventually raising funds in Singapore and worked my way through the industry. I also developed property and had a building company which failed in 1994. I learnt a valuable lesson after a drawn out process and spending 4 months in jail… (I want to be open & truthful here and am happy to open this matter up) The truth and the law are a great distance apart. This was confirmed to me by 2 facets of this matter…firstly I was granted only $8000 legal aid after having to file for bankruptcy to defend myself. To lay all the facts and the truth out it was estimated by my lawyer that it would take 2 weeks… the $8000 grant would only run 2.5 days of any trial. A fair trial … the Appellant court didn’t think so but I didn’t have the money to put the matter in a legal precedent sense… I laid my whole case out and they agreed with me but I had to have a Barrister to do so and legal aid would pay nothing… Effectively my journey to court was an exercise in sentence management and not defence… In the words of Judge Babazon“…Therefore, but by the grace of God go you Mr *****.” Was a deal done?  Justice and the truth are often usurped by the law. That is underlined by the number of wrongly convicted and Innocence projects in Australia and around the World. I prefer to forget this matter and move on. It hasn’t made me hard, it has given me understanding and wisdom.

Having put my life back together I re-entered the Mortgage banking industry some 4 years later. However my heart wasn’t really in it as I saw a lack of respect for customers with banks getting even larger and lenders placing profits before people. However I again became an effective member of the finance industry serving on 2 MIAA committees. I had advised committees and the office of treasury about a pending crisis in 2007-8 but was told I really didn’t know what I was talking about.

I decided in 2010-11 that this wasn’t for me and my health had been tested in 2004 and again in 2010-11. I was initially diagnosed with Diabetes however my Doctor detected something very unusual and advised that I undergo other testing. I was also advised by my father a 22 year RAAF Officer to do a Veteran Affairs claim given my health situation and new evidence coming to light from overseas resources.

This has culminated in 2015 with me being diagnosed with Osteomyelitis, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia in companion with a failing pancreas and liver problems as well as both elements of diabetes. I had been diagnosed initially with Paget’s Disease in 1985 and yes all this from my service in the RAAF and exposure to benzene and air craft fuels. These conditions can and are being maintained by medicines at lower level currently. There is no cure, however my prospects are reasonable. It saddens me to see the lack of equality and equity for Australians in similar positions and I am especially concerned about the plight of veterans and ex-servicemen and women.

I have also served my community in many areas. I was in surf lifesaving for 10 years and fund raising for cerebral palsy for 3-4 years and more recently founded and ran a charity for 8 years looking after children in 3rd world countries. Specifically we raised money for children with so called deadly diseases, AIDS, Tuberculosis and such like. I spent 4 years in rotary and have been a short term president of a chamber of commerce serving nearly 5 years in the organisation. 

I established an Organisation Known as CRAP Concerned residents against Pollution and in 1988 that organisation along with a sister group was successful in stopping primary ocean sewerage outfalls… we presented a petition to the council and state government along with a case that was extremely successful. I am an environmentalist at heart and believe that we are destroying our planet at an alarming rate.  

I had a degree in Business Admin and exchanged some units for a degree in Communication. I also have a cert 4 in Workplace Assessment and in Mortgage Finance. I have worked with TAFE and other organisation training and teaching and enjoy seeing people grow and develop. I did some English teaching in Thailand and found it invigorating to see under privileged children in the North want to learn so they could have a better life.

I enjoy travelling and have been to many countries spending approximately 5 years of my life overseas and about 2 more just holidaying and travelling. I lived 3 years in Thailand where my son was born to my defacto partner and myself. Burleigh Heads has been my home since 1975. My family settled on the Gold Coast when my father retired from the RAAF after 22 years. My family have been coming here since 1933. I have to be one of the most blessed people on this planet. My grandfather settled in Palm Beach in 1960 having retired from the Railway and Currumbin is my second home.

I was and am a political person having been a supporter for many years of conservative politics. I was asked to stand in my mid 20’s but I believed at that point I was too young. I have run 2 campaigns for other people, watched embarrassed at the antics of pre selections and gratefully worked with one Gold Coast politician I admire and supported for 4 elections. I have stated previously I have worked on small business and other committees. I am saddened by the failure of party politics.

I truly believe that Australia has become a mean country lacking equality and equity. It was never like this when I was growing up or during my years as a youth and a young man.  When I studied economics at Griffith University I read a book called Australia at the Cross Roads and I have never forgotten a passage from that book that describes a major policy scenario of the future in part being: government by lobbying and associated control by producer groups with short – sighted policies aimed essentially at winning the next election. The Authors were describing the possibilities running through to 2000. I am sure that they could not conceive that progressing to 2016 and beyond. I thank Kasper, Blandy, Freebairn, Hocking & O’Neill for their insight and their work. I am saddened it has proved to be the case and hope that change is coming soon.