10. May, 2016

Opinion counts!

Forming minority governments is what scares party politicians...they don't want it and they don't want opinion...opinion is too hard to manage. Freedom...my God... not allowed! Australia has been dumbed down now for about 20-30 years, purposefully. Its not a plot and its not conspiracy, its a fact! With many independents especially in both houses opinions become valid. Now we need a debate about what is an opinion and what is a rant. I think in consensus an opinion would be something that more than just one person or a few people understand and acknowledge...a rant is simply blowing off steam. I enjoyed Duncan Storrar last night on Q&A, Duncan has a disability, is a low income earner with children... but he has an opinion (right or wrong) and it was wonderful to see him articulate it. Well done. I also enjoyed the many tweets supporting him and asking that any tax benifit to the tweeter be passed on to him and his children. It has the ability to restore ones faith in humanity in Australia!