11. May, 2016

Others in Need v's Greed

Apart from the need of Australians who are in not such a good places, it became apparent to me that many wealthy Australians and the well to do in general are not willing to help those very unfortunate, especially children in other countries. I was horrified when I saw the photo ajacent ... the Kevin Carter story is also very sad. I established 5TM a registered charity only to have it deregistered 7 years later because people were just not interested in helping. It became apparent that those who could help were more interested in their own greed than anything else. I canvassed over 100 company with a net worth of $300B and got a no at every call. However I am always bouyed by people like Dick Smith who are givers and helpers but more over they are satisfied with their lot. I can only say that greed (in all its form) is repugnant but it is highly prevalent in our society today. Approximately 5000 children die worldwide each day due to a lack of food or water or simple medicine such as Asprin. If every government, company and able person contributed 1/500th of their income in cash or kind world poverty could be eliminated.