16. May, 2016

Is manufacturing dead? if so, then so are are education and innovation!

NO...manufacturing is not dead!

Look at Sweden and Germany. Manufacturing especially VALUE ADDING is the best thing any economy can do. France who just won our sub build contract has been on a manufacturing path for several years now and its economy is starting to BOOM. Poland has done the same. Both are heading past us at a fast rate.

Manufacturing and value adding go hand in hand. Not only that they create jobs in not one but three industry areas... factory work, design and application and innovation and in attached industries. But that weighs heavily on education and innovation and any thought the Liberals or Labour have about them.

The reality is that many of the jobs in renewables and innovation will be in re skilling and in youth employment. Without proper funding for innovation and therefore renewables (only a part of innovation) then the so called innovation and education boom being promoted by both parties is nothing more than re election rhetoric! How important is manufacturing...its imperative.

As a nation we must move on this and soon or we will be left behind not just now but for generations to come.