17. May, 2016

Junkets and foreign affairs more important than people?

Lets see just how much Australians really care? 

DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs) costs more than $1B. However Australia gives away more than $5B in foreign aid each year and is looking to increase that amount.

It is an indictment on Australia as a society that leaves Children, Veterans, Women homeless and in need of basic services. The truth of it is not that charity begins at home but that it is our responsibility to care for these people as members of our society. Our governments first prioty is to the citizens of Australia.

I propose halfing that $6B and funding housing for a revamped veterans and ex services department for Vets and ex servicemen. It would also fund a program for building specialist housing for women & children on the streets.  We also need a program to assist with placements for young people with disabilities instead of placing them in aged care. This could also be funded here. Homelessness is a massive issue and is not resolved by short term fixes. People need a place they can call a home, a base or a place they feel comfortable and at ease, every Australian deserves this at a minimum. 

I would also propose that those who could loose their job at DFAT could work in this new departmental area. I am sure that some of them would like to be known as those who care about Australians in need too.

I would like to see some comments on this matter.