18. May, 2016

More of the same...more to come!

Yes, they are throwing cash at anyone and everyone to get votes and many listen to what they say. If Australia wants more of the same then vote for either of them and there will be more to come. BOOM and BUST, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

Bill Shorten wont tell you that anyone who is on a pension, centrlink or a service's person is now 10-12% poorer and recieve 12-15% less in benefits since the RUDD and GILLARD government and the current liberal ABBOTT AND TURNBULL government. Dont believe for one second that you can educate yourself out of this...it wont happen!

Makcolm Turnbull wont tell you that the big banks, big business and multinationals are 8-10% bigger and fatter and that in the last 8 years the true middle class has lost between 15-20% of their wealth...dont believe that your small business can trade out of this. As soon as the boom turns on up go interest rates and inflation... Coles & Wollworths alone have over 70% of the overall retail economy, plus alchohol, petrol and finance & insurances and they are looking for more, more, more and more! ... you can see it here. It wont belong and they will own people too.

If you want more of the same then vote the same. If you want a change look to other smaller parties and independents for your vote.

Dont believe what I am saying research it for yourself here