21. May, 2016

Australia sold off to everyone and anyone!

The selling off of Australia, its homes and houses, its business's and farms and valued produce, its very security is a large issue and should be stoppped immediately. This is in the best interest of the nation as a whole.

The number of our business's and especially 'brands' that have been sold to overseas interests is simply outrageous.  We have sold our future and our very souls to everyone and anyone who will pay for it. I want to see Australians in years to come when they have to tell their kids what has happened. Much of this aspect comes back to our banks and their lack of support here and also to government and not having a sound joint venture finance capability. But we can give America $11B to come here and help...help them buy our business and futures...why not give the money to Australian business.

Our products are more expensive, our houses and homes are more expensive, we dont have half the capabilities to manufacture or create good jobs anymore. We produce less wool, no clothing at all, less food or food goods, and are becoming less inventive. Our big industries are failing and we run through never ending roller coasters of BOOM & BUST. We have more people on dole queue's who have simply given up. More homeless people, more disenfranchised people. Very soon we wont have a dairy industry! Other than those who can value add, but not every dairy farmer can do that. Why? ... because we folllow like cows and sheep the folly of the World Bank and IMF into unsustainable trade deals and we destroy PEOPLES lives in the process. Anyone would think we were a country of 240M people and not as we are, an isolated island of 24M people

We even sell off strategic assets such as ports! Do you not understand? It was only seven decades ago that another nation tried to force its way onto our lands and take them from Australians and it was our brave soldiers who faught for our freedoms so that this would NEVER happen. ...and we say lest we forget, weve already forgotten!

Great Australians like Dick Smith (there are many others) tell us and have told us how stupid we are but do we listen ... NO, we vote in the same people who keep doing the same things... In many cases (including this) that is the definition of insanity.