28. May, 2016

Change ... but only slight. I want to stop the disgrace!

You can see from my web site that I have changed tactics slightly. I am now standing for the Veterans Party in the House of Representatives seat of Fadden. There are several reasons for this.

In no particular order:

The change in the senate rules by the government that were agreed to by the ALP and Greens. Of course they all agreed and so quickly. They dont want anyone else to disagree, have a go or an opinion! Many Australians will see right through this.

I am and ex serviceman and believe in what the Veterans Party stands for. I am especially concerned about DVA and Veterans affairs...I am a currrent claimant myself, which leads me to another reason and that is the disgraced ex minister... I want to stand against him (Stuart Robert, his picture is to the top left and a link to an article just above) and ask him several questions about not just DVA but Human Services also of which he was the minister as well. I believe Australia has become a mean country of inequality and lacking equity and think there needs to be some answers for many people who ask likewise.

Being experienced in these matters I am able to shift quickly and not loose momentum or the suport I have built already. This was started almost 2 weeks ago and assists the Veterans party senate candidates and other lower house candidates.

So I am pleased to announce this formally and look forward to working through the campaign in Fadden.