29. May, 2016

Where has the real Malcolm gone?

It is the biggest personality question of this election. Where is the real Malcolm Turnbull, the Malcolm of old?

When he burst onto the scene he was different, flamboyant and interesting. However the man who advocated a republic, was gung ho on Climate change and wore a leather jacket has disappeared.


He is the victim of his own party and factional politics! It is that simple he now has the middle conservative hand right up his ...... you know where! Suddenly all the issues that were important to him and the reason the people of his electorate (Wentworth) voted for him are gone. Now we have a party statue with the usual tape recordings coming from it.

Clarke and Dawes interestingly call him Malcolm Abbott and they are right.

Like Gillard I dont think Malcolm will win this election and may have to form a minority government with conservative minor parties and independents both in the lower house and the senate.

This would be good for Australia because those voices (a large number of people(1.75-2M)) who are not being heard want & need some equality and equity. Those voices are disgruntled middle class Australians who can no longer have puppets as Prime Ministers and parties more worried about factions and themsleves that every day Australians.