30. May, 2016

Caretaker mode?

Caretaker mode is where nearly all government operations are operating but only in a capacity of their being generally operational. They are not allowed to make any large or real decisions and vote (money) or supply is totally up in the air. The Prime Minister is in fact a care taker of the country and not able to make any decisions. But How?

Many people do not understand this as it is addition to our constitution which is based on the Westminster system and is a convention and not the law. In realiaty there is no mention of this or a Prime Minister or cabinet in the constitution. More over there is no mention of POLITICAL PARTIES! The literal perspective is that the Governor General runs the parliament and therefore our Government.

In the photo Sam Elliot is Caretaker a friend of the "Ghost Rider" from the movie of 2007.

Obviously our forefathers (in writing the original constitution) were smarter then than we are now!