31. May, 2016


This should be the real issue of the election...how much and where it goes. Both Paul Keating and Peter Costello (probably the best Treasurers in 50 years) have categorically said the problem is spending.

Everyone would agree that spending Billions of dollars on admin, tents and bribes to house a few thousand asylum seekers on remote islands is not only inhumane but the worst finanacial strategy ever heard of.

Likewise Spending Tens if not Hundreds of billions of dollars on faulty infrastructure such as a Redundent NBN is stupidity...the same goes for Water Desalination, Defunct Insulation programs and so on. Lets not forget teh interest bill on borrowing just to pay for these bad infrastructure projects, a double wammy!

Giving the USA $11B to come here to buy more of our business. This has two effects... we should not be selling Australia. Nor do we need to be flying high on the international stage and like wise politicians dont need the enormous perks they get.

In health alone there are 5000 beds nationwide not being used becasue they dont have staff (so they say) or other required medical infrastructure to have them work. Simple case of poor planning. In social welfare we get no return for our Newstart budget and yet Pensioners who have already done their bit for Australia cant afford anything. In Defence spending there is an enormous write off in poorly picked projects which many of are sourced outside Australia... so much for innovation. If they want to increase the pool of revenue why not base many projects here and create jobs as well as getting the spend here too! "Lets buy Australian." as much as we can. 

Likewise establishing departments ex LNP / ALP costing 200 Million in the last year alone. 

Likewise a plebiscite on marriage equality at a cost of a said $150M.

There are so many more examples that this blog would turn into a book.

There has been a lot of talk about the SPENDOMETER but few facts to back it up...some of them are above. Here are two more. You cant educate yourself our of Debt and tax breaks to business dont help. Like any household responsible and well planned spending and saving is the path to a sound future economic outcome.