1. Jun, 2016

Australia at a big crossroad.

I have never seen Australia so divided and so unhealthy. At 56 years of age it makes me so sad and yet there is a positive side to it. The only way up is for decisions to be made by each and every Australian to make this a better country. Together we can surpass all expectation divided we will fail and fall.

I am not talking about a wealthier country, I am talking about the smiles on peoples faces and the feeling of happiness and joy in their hearts. I am talking about being able to sleep at night and wake up the next day with hope for something good. I am talking about a love for one and other that surpasses everything. This is the spirit this country used to have in it and at its very soul. I am talking about the ability to responsibly care... and a shadow of that has appeared in 33 brave men coming home after 50 years away and alone.

Politics and personal want has divided this country into the haves and have nots. Again I am not speaking only of a financial position. There are those who are disenfranchised, down and out, ignored and ridiculed, left behind and even used and abused, forgotten. If we keep going down this path things will only get worse.

In the late 1960's there was a supposed movement of love who turned on gallent men simply doing their job... what kind of love is that. I coined a phrase many years ago that love is an action and not a word. This countries actions simply dont show any love what so ever. Generally we display hatred, fear and ignorance with arrogance and combine it with broard denail as the mantra of how we feel in showing who we are. Simply becasue of our self interest, greed and desire to feed (not literally) ourselves at any cost. But are we happy, I dont think so!

Caring is not being soft or stupid its being Human! It seems that since the consumer age of the late 1980's that we have been on this rocky road of complete self indulgence. There is a military mantra that says "leave no one behind." This would be a very positive thing for all Australians to take on board, especially our politicians.

So what are you going to do an the 2nd of July? Are we going to continue down this path we are on or will we take a cross road to a more loving and caring Australia.