4. Jun, 2016

How relevant is the media?

The media who are also known as the fourth estate have had less impact year and year much like the decline of trickle down economics and again because of IT and innovation. During this election the authority and power of newsprint and TV is in the balance and being questioned.

I can state (like some already) that newspapers will be completely defunct by 2025. It has been said that even Television could be on the way out and gone completely by 2050. Why? There are a number of reasons; they tend to report what the owner or what the reporters want and not what is the news or of interest to the public. The public are not believing what is being reported or the public are seeking out the truth themselves. People no longer want to waste time reading a news paper or watching TV when they can be on the internet.

How has this affected politics and elections. During the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's people turned to newspapers and TV to source the information they needed.  During the late 1940's 1950's and early 1960's there was the saop box and mega phone era, where in some cases 10000 people would collect peacefully in the park to listen to a candidate. Radio played and enormous role also where families and neighbours would collect in one house to listen to speeches.

My second degree (BArts communication, film & media) in 2000 was an eye opener for me, especially the news media and IT component. The media of the future is just like what your reading now, a blog. It could be part of a web page of information or from an individual. Many pictures, videos and bites will appear on youtube or somethng like youtube.

I am not amazed as snapchat overtakes instagram as a media outlet becasue the power of youth and young people who drive this, is one that doesnt trust the old fouth estate. They feel disenfranchised by the older means of news and information. Especially the power of money to move the truth aside and present and re present mistruth to support their power base. This is no more evident in the growth of green/environmental politics and causes. I pesonally cant wait to see the power of a "Youth Party." However I will bet money on it being formed by someone in their mid fourties who is still extremely young at heart and has a heart for youth, the truth and people in general and not power, position and money.