5. Jun, 2016

What are the real issues?

What are the real issues (the true facts) of this election. More over is anyone listening?

Hum, No its not an NBN, its not interest rates or banking, power bills or even climate change, it's the simple things that concern all of us:

Housing, we all need somewhere to call home. Sadly many live in a park or a shed or a garage! Some dont have anything at all but a few pieces of cardboard... worst off are the midlde aged and especially service personnel including first responders. Many recipiants of social services dont receive enough to qualify for rent even when its subsidized! Worse still gen y and youth will have no where and no way to make a home and have a family unless some drastic changes are made and fast. The numbers are staggering and estimated at 2.5M over the above.

Getting old; yes were all getting older and living longer. trouble is were running out of money to pay for it or have a reasonable life style. Many older people are hustled off to homes or retirement villages. A lot use reverse mortgages so the family assets are stripped by big banks and lenders. One point here is that medicine, not care, is responsible for allowing us live longer but is it worth it... many say no!

Doing the right thing! Ah, "the biggie." Responsibility and accountability. I hear this so much, it is the tone of every second question. Take for example the recent coming home of 33 Vets. Neither the PM or the Opposition Leader saw fit to attend. The country (including teh Pm and OPL) is responsible for sending these servicemen ... but when it comes to account neither Malcolm or Bill wanted to show up. This attitide is shown far too many times in how our politicians treat us, were just the the voters. You can take any issue like the just above or the two earlier, or education, health, DVA an veterans, human services, climate change...what the voters really want falls on deaf ears because of party politics and other interests.

So do the politicians care, not really, becasue they are listening to about 250-300 lobbyists (these are the other interests) who get paid $1000 a day to present everyones (Woolworths, Coles, Miners, Banks, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Power and Gas companies, even unions and public servants and Large Educators) case, but those (the needy) above.

The overlying question is what are you going to do...will you continue to serve them or will you change them out and get someone who will serve you?