6. Jun, 2016

Who are our role models and heroes?

No greater love does a man have than to lay down his life for another. Yes it’s a Bible scripture from John 15.13 but it is also the underlying philosophy of every person who has in their heart the need, the right and the care of others.

These people are not gallant by desire, they are caring loving human beings who rise above fear, situations, pain, intolerance, acts of cruelty and a lack of understanding or hate and evil. They do so in times of need going against their own wants or needs to do something and they do it by choice. They are not looking for thanks or act with conscience, it is simply something that is the right thing to do. They are not judgemental … They should be our role models and heroes.

Here are some of mine in no special order:

Jesus, because he laid down his life for others.

My Dad, because he has always loved and supported me through good and bad! He was giver of his time and served as a JP, in Rotary and the Ostomy society for 30 years combined and did the books for local aged care centres at night.

My Mum, who fought cancer and ill health for over 45 years. Initially unknown to any of our family, in her dying years she asked her doctor to use her as a “guinea pig” for research given she had lived a long life.

Martin Luther KING, who dared to dream and speak in the face of both racial and religious intolerance and human indignity. He was assassinated for his stand and his beliefs for the equality of all men.

Yousafza, a young woman in her teens (she was born in 1997) who was shot through the head (2009) and had a fatwah issued against her for believing that young girls and women should be educated and should have rights. She is more determined today that in her earlier years. Interestingly her first name Malala means grief stricken… and here is what counts, her father has and does describe her as “something entirely special.” He has and does enjoy staying up at night in their home village and talking about things. Not happy with changing things in her own country she has opened girl’s schools in other Muslim countries.

Muhammed ALI, who stood in the face of insurmountable odds to win a world boxing crown 3 times having been stripped of it twice. Who believed passionately about the freedom of all people. When asked about his support for Ronald Reagan he simply replied “He’s keepin God in schools and that’s enough.” Sadly he died on the week end and has left the world a better place with his character and personality. Many have said he was a coward for draft avoidance… however it wasn’t cowardice, he simply said “aint no viet cong ever called me nigger!” Love him or not you must admit he had guts and courage. In his latter life he advanced the words and actions of peace and is known for his efforts to heal the rifts between mankind.

Every soldier, servicemen and woman and first responder who has passed away defending the rights and lives of others.  I include the 240+ returned Vets who died since 1999. These people are heroes and role models. Sadly like many above these people dont overcome adversity in life struggling often to find peace rather less a home and money for small luxuries in life. They are givers not takers and see value in every human life. Often they are simply overlooked because they can be by callous systems that don’t care about them or those in whose lives they made a difference.