10. Jun, 2016

Understanding and the right to have a voice

In 1996 the Australian people from Oxley elected Pauline Hanson to the Lower House. Subsequently Ms Hanson formed One Nation. In recent years there has been a rise of policial parties such as the ALA, Reclaim Australia and United Patriots Front.

So do these groups have a right to a voice and should we have an understanding of what they stand for? The only answer is yes! But they are biggots and racists is what some Australains would say and they promote violence. That simply isnt true and without delving into the media again, most of the problem is with them in one sided presentation. Edited Vox pops and bites have a lot to answer for.

I have read Pauline Hansons opening speech and there is nothing racial in it... it does talk about concern for every day Australians and the promotion of smaller groups over and above the greater number of Australains... but why is that bad, why is it racist? It isnt. In fact Ms Hanson is exactly right, more than 2.5M Australians are disadvantaged, disenfranchised and left behind. That number is growing as drakonian Boom & Bust economics goes through its cycles. 

Do these groups have a right to a voice, Most certainly. To say no is to usurp the rights of 500000 members and 1.7m followers of these groups. More people are joning and following these groups daily... in fact their growth is the largest political movement in Australian history.

Normally I am not one who wants to lay blame as it tends to result in being marked for all the wrong reasons. Its a lesson in life that has been learnt the had way. However this subject is important and Australia is now at a maturity level to have this discussion. Failed party politics especially the ALP and LNP, government driven by votes and lobbyists and interest groups. That is why we are here where we are at now.

YES everyone has a right to a voice and understanding as to their message. My hope is that peacefulness prevails and it is sorted out quickly.