11. Jun, 2016


Over the past 4-5 months I have been investigating the cost overruns and department stuff ups at Medicare. Specifically in one program, immunisations. Now don’t get me wrong I am an advocate of immunisation, however I am concerned about wasted resources especially in such a large budget area as health.

I started this because my sons immunisation has been an exercise in department stuff ups from the get go. This has culminated in incorrect records and history, several trips to the GP, extra shots and frustration with a system out of control. My GP is frustrated and the specialist nursing staffs for immunisation at two clinics is trying to work out why it all goes wrong.

Apart from the human side I want to discuss the public finance problem with respect to waste in this area. I have estimated that it has cost approximately $1500 for this debacle. I can account for it this way, doctors/clinic cost, shot costs, departmental time, postage and incidentals. No account has been made for my time and costs.

I have spoken with several clinics and find that this occurs between 10-15% of the time. Given that birth rates have been around 320000 for a few years it rounds out to approximately $50m per annum in wasted spending on one item alone in the Medicare/health area. There are several hundred areas of spending/billable items in Medicare and health. So let’s halve the amount and to $25m per area and say that spending waste is only in 350 areas. It’s a staggering $8,750,000,000, but I am sure it’s wrong. I had to put it through the calculator three times…then I found this article… It’s actually $20,000,000,000… (Sorry the article has begun auto directing to a buy subscription page for the Australian. I have saved it as a PDF and it can be seen in the policy and statements page on this web page)   How many homeless people women and children could be cared for? How many defence personnel could be correctly looked after? How much of our interest bill as a country could be slashed? This is the fault of successive governments both LNP and ALP.

Who are you going to vote for? More of the same, please no, we will be bankrupt before we know it!