12. Jun, 2016

The silent majority, an Australian ‘Animal farm’

Election have historically been won in the distant and not so distant past by decisive number (50+%) of seats and give a mandate to the holders of power to do as they have outlined running up to an election.  However, on many occasions government has been formed by a party who has won as little as 44-45% of the vote. Since federation there have been Independents however as party politics took hold this died out from 1949 -1966. This period and up until 1990 was market by the 2 party (Liberals and Nationals being taken as one party of conservatives) era.

Since the 1990’s there has been a steady increase in both independents and the advent of minor parties. Generally it had been accepted that, they who won the election had the right to do as they wanted. However as numbers have moved and elections more recently have been won by 38-39% of the vote and the people have woken up…  we have had minority governments in the past but not as divisive as the Gillard government which was only formed with 2 independents guaranteeing supply. However this is another subject.

Is it fair that someone holding only 38% of the vote can hold government and the power of how the country works. Is it fair or reasonable that 62% of people are not considered. No, these are the silent majority and they are fed up and very angry. Especially with and rightly so, failed policy, disgraced ministers, wild out of control spending and astonishing departmental waste and major infrastructure and project failures. Of enormous concern is the advent of perks and party and factional direction rather than what is better for the nation. Leadership has definitely been at question…evidenced by 5 Prime Ministers in 5 years. So much for party politics, boom and bust and a lack of leadership and direction… if not at this election then it will happen at the next, especially with more or the same! The silenced majority will not stay silent much longer.

Don’t be surprised in this election if the silent majority voting for minor party’s and independents do one of two things. Form a minority government with the right or the left. Alternatively there is such a swing (15-16% away from both parties) that the greens along with minority parties and independents form a minority government. Then the true voice of the silent majority can and will be heard.

Don’t be concerned, government will still work (another subject too), budgets done, supply will pass, jobs will be created, spending will be cut and services delivered (probably better) and the country will prosper. Welcome to the new Australia and our hope can only be that it will be a better animal farm.