13. Jun, 2016

Forget Innovation & deliver real services to Australians

The LNP is relying on a small business tax breaks ($50B) and an innovation package ($51B) over 5 years. The major percentage of those tax breaks will go to medium & larger business and $28B of the innovation package goes in advertising.  What a load of disillusioned rubbish.

Yet we the tax paying public suffer from $65-80B in wasted funding, poor administration and IT insufficiencies every year. $20B alone in health and Medicare, $15B wasted on other countries while Australians (Pensioners, men, women and children) and Australian Heroes (War Veterans and servicemen and women and first responders)  die daily through a lack of care.  $1b a year lost in simply running Narau and Manus while descent people rot there in nothing more than tents and children suffer in humiliation. The losses in Defence are also in the billions but access to full costings is unavailable however it is approximated in the Billions. The perks paid to you jerks are unreasonable and unnecessary!

Why can’t you and successive LNP and ALP governments simply deliver services at a reasonable cost and without extravagant waste? It is a simple question. Backing that up is this fact, Australian business is already the most innovative in the world, and it simply lacks support.

We used to have an AIDC and state based development corporations along with Banks (not anymore even though we the tax payers funded their tenure during the GFC) that funded start-ups, even though not enough there was something. Funding to the CSIRO has produced some of the best world class innovation. Now the good stuff disappears overseas, just like it will under the LNP innovation program.  Have you never heard of OPPORTUNITY LOST…it doesn’t happen in 15 of the top 20 OECD manufacturing countries.

Do you not remember that it was Australian innovators that invented the stump jump plough and combine harvester, lawn mower, the hills hoist, the ute, black box technology, the refrigerator, permaculture, the differential & Zeta Platform, IRB’s,  More recently the cement truck, latex gloves, Sarich engine, wave piercing catamaran, note pad, WIFI, cone head. There are hundreds more! Two that I am sure will impact now is the women’s vote and secret polling!

Worse still the jobs in manufacturing are also going overseas…not just a few but thousands directly and tens of thousands in related and services industries. Have you not heard of VALUE ADDING (it is the basis of manufacturing success in 10 other OECD countries) … So please no more of this rubbish.

Here is message for the LNP:

So why not save the $101B and pay down our national debt, that’s what Tony Abbott was elected to do! Peter Costello, one of the great treasurers has told you SPENDING is the problem! Please deliver the services and look after the people you’re supposed to look after. Put just $1b in a fund each year to support sound start-ups and Australian business will return to you at least a 10% yield on investment. Plus, world surpassing innovation at nowhere near the cost of $101B. Including, a larger payment from company tax and GST. If you cannot do it go away and let someone who can in so that Australia is better off!

Here is the message for the ALP:

Were in the mess we are in because of your lavish spending and inherited interest bill. Don’t deny it, it is a fact and the Australian public are not that silly to believe otherwise. To do what your party did during a global financial crisis was stupidity, unprofessional and insulting. To think that you can educate us out of debt is simply moronic. Throwing more good money after bad is even more stupid and bordering on insanity! Even your great Treasurer Paul Keating has told you the problem is SPENDING.  Stop fighting 19th century battles with 19th century slogans… this is the 21st century!