15. Jun, 2016

$50B business tax rebate to create jobs! Really

What a pile of rubbish. $50B business tax rebate to create jobs now!

Here is what is actaully going to happen... Innovation will cost jobs! Yes it will create new jobs but it will definitely cost more jobs than it creates now.

I speak with retail sales people regularly and they are all preparing for redundency. Check out operators are the first in line due to self check out. It will get to the point where self check out is the only means of purchasing groceries.This should be very apparent from 2025-2030 (approximately when the benefit runs out and a long time after Mr Turnbull is gone from politics).

By 2050 it would look more like this. Your refrigerator will order your groceries twice weekly from the supermarket warehouse. The groceries will be auto collected and packaged and delivered to you by an automated vehicle. The groceries will be placed in your collectables box by the unmanned vehicle that afternoon.

So there will be no packing jobs, no warehousing jobs, no shelf packing jobs, no checkout jobs no trolley collection, no security to man self service and no drivers doing deliveries.

Drivers are already beginning to prepare for this new world of technology and innovation. Banking is going down the same line with online banking and card transactions. Ask yourself when is the last time you saw a passport book for banking? ... or a piggy bank ... how long is since you got paid via an envelope full of cash? Why not ask a bank employee next time your in the bank.

Wake up, this cry of Jobs, Jobs, Jobs and innovation for now, right now, is all a load of rubbish! We (Australia) actually lose jobs to innovation now ... many times our own that is overseas! To catch up will take at least 10-15 years if we can! But we must hold on to manufacturing and the skills it brings to do so. 

We are at least one generation behind other countries. The reason for that is government (ALP & LNP) policy...being stuck on mining and resources. Dont believe me then follow Volvo or Scania on their facebook or web page.  

Bill shorten got one thing right... Education. No it wont solve debt however we need education to build a work force. More over re skilling and trades. But alas they have stuffed TAFE... the very body that is able to deliver quickly and at certificate level for job skilling and retraining.

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