20. Jun, 2016

Fadden a Local seat, local issues!

Every electorate should expect the best it can get from representation. What are the real local issues for the seat of FADDEN? That word REPRESENTATION is so important, Websters describes it as "the act of doing something on behalf of another or others." Not for ones self, ones faction or ones party! When you enter the voting booth on the 2nd July I only hope that Australians think about that.

So what are some big issues for Fadden:

 1.           A cruise ship terminal… I have lived nearly 1/3 of my 40 years on the Gold Coast in this electorate. The Broadwater is a tourism dynamo and especially for boating, recreational diving, crabbing and fishing. It supports hundreds of millions of $ in accommodation and food related business. I can only see disaster on the horizon with a CST when only 1 hour away there is one that is hardly used. The Broadwater would be better suited with catchment management, water quality, sustainability management and environment management funding programs than a CST.

2.            Roads, Infrastructure Projects & New Schools! If only half the waste was saved they would be paid for along with everything else. The North GC needs new schools before 2020. There definitely needs to be a new community consultation process in light rail. Water is an essential issue with the failure of the Tugun plant at $1.5 Billion now and rising. The 4th start date proposal of 2020 is possibly being scrapped and there is talk of decommissioning due to consistent failures.

3.            The ILS is a legitimate subject…  I understand Benzene poisoning & fire foam contamination only too well. There is nothing wrong with an ocean based path north and south with or without an ILS until all matters have been resolved.

Obviously the elephant in the room is donations and what both the LNP and ALP are hiding. The meeting at the Paradise Point Progress Association was indicative of this. Representation and truth in disclosure is obviously an issue for locals. The struggle can be viewed here:  https://independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/stuart-robert-attacks-peta-credlin-and-evades-constituents-conflict-of-interest-concerns,9120  

I was especially please at the 10 questions directed to all candidates and found myself humbled by one of my fellow candidates who had overcome his own falling down to become a valuable member of society. Daniel Kwons work with mentally ill people and those with less in society is extremely commendable, especially as he is in his mid-twenties himself.