22. Jun, 2016

417/457 Visa’s the sleeping Issue?

417 & 457 Visas are not a sleeping issue at all. It is of enormous concern to Australians seeking work. It should also be a concern for all voters who are thinking about Australia’s future.

Let me state my position, am not against 417/457 visas or 400 series visas for that matter. As a matter of fact I am a reformer on immigration. My Partner (soon to be my wife) is on an 820/801 partner visa.

The problem is in the number of these visas and the abuse by employers to use them for cheaper labour and placing unemployed Australians in positions of difficulty in finding employment. It also helps create a sub class of employees. Successive Governments are complicit in this matter as well.

Firstly let’s examine an aspect of employment that is a part of the sub class. Many women and young people are employed in Supermarkets, Café’s and Coffee shops and Banks on what is known as casual basis. That means that they do less than 29 hours a week. They receive none of the basic conditions of work and are often pressured to do extra work (30min-1 hr) to complete tasks as a part of their employment. You see, when you give an inch big employers will take a mile.  Many of these employees wanting full time qualified work are degree qualified in the areas being given away!

It is estimated that there were 1.5M of these types of employees but now the figure is lower and probably around 800-900000 given more and more jobs both disappearing offshore and simply disappearing as IT and Technological innovation moves forward.

457 visas take many of the jobs that these people could fill and also take away job opportunities for Australians in general. Recently even the Government has been seen to advertise 1000’s of jobs outside Australia…it makes a mockery of both the ALP and LNP talking about jobs, jobs, jobs! It also makes the case for Education and training…we have failed here as well. Here is the government list for 2016-17.

My opinion is that these jobs should be Australian sourced first. As an Immigration policy we can source business people with the skills to establish the business (regionally, Townsville, Gold Coast etc.) to employ Australians in the fields noted.

Fruit pickers are not generally in the 457 pool as they come in on student visas for 12 -24 months.

The waste in this alone is astronomical… education, productivity, cost saving, tax…it goes on and on!