26. Jun, 2016

Traditional Voting... stupidity!

So your going to vote on 2nd July! Have you really thought about why your voting and what you are voting for? Are you going to be stupid and vote traditionally! Cant make up your mind?

Then you need a lesson in how to vote... No not how to use a how to vote card! What are your principals, ethics and what do yo want from your country...seriously voting is one way how you can serve your country.

Here is an example... I was a traditional Liberal voter...my father voted Liberal so I voted Liberal. Several years ago as I started aging more and finding that I was ill from my service career I started again to need more medical help. I have found that the legislation at DVA (department of veterans affairs) doesnt assist me and in fact is 20 years behind the rest of the world. Mt benzene poisoning is also not (currently) recognised becasue of this and so I must suffer chronic bone pain and soft tissue pain and deal with other health issues not caused by myself but through my RAAF service. This is simply not fair.

Neither Liberal or Labor want to do anything to help me or 11000 other Vets... moreover nor do they want to help with homelessness, mental health, women and children suffering from domestic violence, youth with disability ...I can go on and on. I shouldnt have to so suffer and nor should other Australians...I have changed how I think about politics and where the money goes and why.

I always knew about lobbyists and what they did, but I didnt think about it... this is the key thinking. As a nation we must think about Equity and Equality and Representation for all people. That is not going to happen in a 2 party system where factions fight for dollars... where spending goes on unopposed until theer isnt enough to go around. Simply put people and need is not considered...it doesnt matter that you defend your country, work hard, study well, achieve goals...your just a number like a number on a sheep before slaughter.

Dont vote traditionally, its simply stupid. Think about how you vote and what you want to achieve with YOUR VOTE, not what your dad wanted to achieve. many of the things of the past have been achieved... Its time for newness and freshness in politics.  Other wise it will just be more of the same. Read more of the blogs here, do some research...it not about just voting fo rme or my party its about changing Australia into a better Nation.