28. Jun, 2016

Small Business

I was a small business man for many years (25+) on the Gold Coast.

I served in Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce as well as on the E-board of TAFE and assited in training models for the finance industry. I was a senior consultant to business in finance for many years. Eventually serving for 4 years in the MIAA on two lending and management committees. I contributed input to two banking inquiries and the GFC but was informed I didnt know what I was talking about in 2007-8 by treasury who claimed there was no GFC in Australia ... we all know how that ended! 

Neither the LNP or ALP have any real mantra for small business. In fact both have done more harm to small business than most people know. The LNP by way of paperwork models in collecting GST and the ALP by way of damage they casue with various poorly thought out policy...the insulation debacle is just one example. Both parties by means of poor infrastructure develoments such as the NBN and roads.

The 3 largest single influences that both parties could have for small business would be in banking reform, services (pensions being increased) and taxation reform. Small business suffers from both of these enormously. Banking reform is obvious in that banks are a small business's worst enemy and dont supply very necesssary service to this sector. Taxation reform by way of better personal tax strategies (see our tax policy) would bring business more customers by numbers that would make an enormous difference.

Just on the better services paymenst package alone business would increase by Billions of dollars. Pensioners have had it real hard...they dont save but want to enjoy some things in life. The3 C's of pensions are the best example... Cinema, Coffee and Cake. For the last decade pensioners have not had any spare cash to be able to enjoy these simple things... obviously it would benefit more than the three but somehow Government dont see this as it really is! But taxation reform would generate many billion of dollars from other consumers for all business 

Again I will summarise it this way $101B of which $28B goes to advertising and $8B to larger business is no advnatage to small business. Nor is $8-22 per week in tax paid back on return!