29. Jun, 2016


Could you in all honesty believe someone who has to spend millions of dollars trying to buy your trust? The simple answer is NO!

As a nation we sit and watch or read nearly $3M a day in paid advertsing from war chests and another $1M a day in Goverment paid advertising during this election. That doesnt account for signage and local advertsing and events put on my parliamentry members... You could say each MP spends another $150-200K on each election. Thats more than $200M... each sides war chest is above $80M. No one knows how much they get from other sources!

WHY? Becasue they are trying to buy your trust! It's that simple. But look at the rubbish and the scare campaigns they are running. Medicares gone? No it isnt! Jobs and Growth? probably not!  Dont vote for a minor party it will ruin the economy? ... The only thing that will ruin the economy is more of the same! It is nothing more than a scare campaign from both sides.

Is it a war? NO. Can you believe them? NO. Dont be intimidated by scare campaigns and look at the real issues, Youth, Aged Care, Affordable housing, delivery of real services, Spending and Debt. The LNP and ALP have both failed and failed dramatically! 

Step into that voting booth on 2nd July with committment and a view to freshness and better REPRESENTATION. Dont belive the $200M in paid advertsing...change the boom and bust cycle!