30. Jun, 2016

Thank you to the Aged Care facilities in Fadden

I want to thank all the Aged Care facilities on the Gold Coast for the warm and friendly reception I have received over the past 2 1/2 weeks visiting every one of them. Both the staff and wonderful residents.

I have visited Arcare, Tricare, Bupa, Ozcare and other privately managed facilities and it has been my pleasure to go. I have especially enjoyed on occassion speaking with some of the residents. I must thank all those staff whose job it is to help residents with voting.

My hope is that aged care is a dominant issue for who ever becomes the member for Fadden and the government in general. My family has given many years to community service and especially to aged care. Sadly it has become a neglected area of government. I am also saddened that no other candidate took this time to give to aged voters. Having done their bit for Australia and their community, they deserve it. 

In speaking with carers it appears little has been done about places and services. It is sad that as services dwindle while spending blows out completely. One aspect of this is of course placements which are being also used for mentally ill and youth with disability. This needs to be addressed quickly for the betterment of all.

Mental health and youth with disability need independent places to be made available. This one measure alone will give a lot of relief for places in aged care. While also provoding better services in mental health and youth disability services.