30. Jun, 2016

JOBS & GROWTH, JOBS & GROWTH... stop with the Bullshit PLEASE

I keep hearing this rhetoric continually JOBS & GROWTH, JOBS & GROWTH and its nothing but Bullshit! A catch phrase to convince voters.

I spoke about this in my blog some 2 weeks ago and that was reinforced on Lateline (use this link to see the video and hear the TRUTH) last night. Jobs and Growth are both going backwards and will do so for a long time yet. Which also kicks the LNP's secure goverment rubbish right in the guts along with their $101B business tax package... Waleed was right also last night... I have also already commented on this and Veterans Party have a policy to fix this rubbish as well.

Sadly no one is interviewing minor parties, especially those with excellent policy on this. However, I dont think the public are as stupid as the LNP and ALP think they are!