1. Jul, 2016

... the last call for a better Australia!

The photo says it all. To say that change is needed is an understatement!

We have created this problem in Australia with 2 party politics and factions and lobbyists running our lives instead of having the REPRESENTATION Australia desperately needs.

We have become a mean country lacking empathy and solutions and have created a sad society that lacks equity and equality. We reward our politicians for failing us by electing them based on party loyalty and tradition without a single thought as to why. The catch cry Jobs and Growth and the acceptance of said is the best example of this...its Bullshit and every economist in the country agrees with that!

How can we be so purile as to accept what someone says who can turn around and change everything as quickly as changing a jacket. Alternatively how can we begin to trust someone who is the purpose of an investigation into thuggery, lawlessness and fraud only to hear that we can educate ourselves out of this situation we are in!  

Many say the country is going just fine... RUBBSIH...ask a bank teller or a supermarket worker or a driver about job security. Look at how we pander to big business and let large companies and high net worth individuals pay no tax at all in most cases while everyday people pay for them and their political mates to swan around. Ask a young person with a disability who lives in an aged care facility and has no one to converse with how they feel. Ask a woman whose husband died due to military service while she tries to take care of 3 kids on a pension no better than poverty. Ask an aged care resident how life is or a woman fleeing domestic violence with no where to live. Ask a child who is forced to live in a garage with the rats, mice and cold damp? 

I recently asked a 13-14 year old to work out a better budget... after explaining the basics and giving him a starting point he did so on his smart phone in about 45 minutes. It all had to do with his innocense to being manipulated by outside sources... but more over he started at a point of saving and ended up having more than enough to give to those in need! Therein lies a lesson to every treasurer who is to come.

How dare our politicians insult us with the crap they give us... abismal infrastructure and projects that are better fitting in the stone age! How dare they sell off our country to the highest bidders, that's if their not simply giving away cash to other countries, yes they help but so do 3 million Australians! How dare they insult our business people with stupid tax lurks that mean nothing and in reality give more than 30% of it to their big business mates. How dare they supply us with poor medical facilities without the required beds and staffing. How dare they talk about education and STEM when they ruined TAFE and nearly killed off skills based training... that is where innovation is developed! Why do they waste so much money without even thinking about it. Stop the stupid spending and get the job done or get out and let someone in who can do the job. But most of all stop trying to scare the country with your rubbish about it disintegrating if your not at the helm!

I will say no more, It's up to you Australlia. Its up to you Fadden, Moncrief and Mcpherson. It's up to any person who desires a better country to vote for a change... as Albert said (and he was and still is the smartest person who ever lived) "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking used when we created them."