1. Jul, 2016

More LNP muck shovelling...

Tonight there is more LNP rubbish and this time about the M1 again. This makes me furious and also the Voters of Fadden, Moncrieff and Mcpherson.

Steven Ciobo says on 9 NEWS that the accident of the last 2 days and previosuly have all happened in already finished zones. What a cop out and not at all the TRUTH! The accidents occured becasue of people making exits and adjusting lanes quickly to get off the M1 becasue of down range areas being either slow or blocked. Specifically the Robina - Burleigh section.

Further Mr Ciobo says that consultant agree that the light rail stages 2 & 3 will take away the problems of the M1...more and bigger RUBBISH! The people who travel on the M1 are going to Brisbane or parts on the way to Brisbane... they are self employed people, trades persons, sales people and self employed business people, 50000 of them. The last time I looked the light rail stops at Helensvale!

Mr Ciobo was used becasue Mr Robert has been silenced completely given his investigation by the AFP into his phone use in CHINA... and his trip to CHINA where he was representing others in an overseas deal that may or may not have been of benefit to him as well. That coming on top of his being sacked from the Human Services and Department of Veteran Affairs ministry. That becasue he is being investigated for helping Gold Coast developers who are really CHINESE to get developments of 73 floors in twin towers on the ocean side of the spit.  Mrs Andrews is also in a pickle with the ILS & stage 3 of the Light Rail in her electorate as well as for being ineffective in her assistant portfolio.

The big three need to go and tomorow is your only chance for another 3 YEARS!