3. Jul, 2016

The election process!

Having sat as a candidate and managed 2 candidates and worked on a complete policy package for an election plus working with a candidate on 4 elections I am more than qualified to speak on and to this matter.

Point 1. We should seriosly entertain moving to set 4 year periods.

This works far better from both the expense and getting through any policy matters that are to be implimented. Many election cycles have been closer to if not 2 1/2 years. This isnt long enough to see the outcome of policy...It can also cause shifts to credit rating that are not really needed in our economy. This is of special consideration given the major borrowings of Governments both Federal and state.  

Point 2. Electronic elections should be adopted sooner than later.

This would eliminate many of the problems around elections such as bickering at polling booths, and the waste of $100's of millions. Plus the results are able to be made much more quickly. It is very safe as you would have and entry into the system much like that at My Gov and that confirmed by mobile phone, internet or hand phone response.  

On this second point I was witness during this election to four things that were alarming.

One was the abuse and physical carrying on by workers for a now out of work senator at a pre polling booth. The stand over tactics were simply abysmal. Second was the number of minor car accidents just in my electorate alone. Third was the underestimation of polling numbers and subsequent direction to other booths. Lastly the signage and election day jostling ... What a pain and most of all it is not taken well by voters who many of make disparaging comments. I was also concerned at the lack of process where voters are to be informed as part of the process... How anyone is informed by 50 meters of blue, yellow and red sign in a Kaleidoscope of crap is beyond me. Further is the waste of paper and resources simply thrown away and all for one day.    

So a lot for discussion & consideration by the public and politicians.