18. Jul, 2016

Survival v’s political correctness and attitude!

Again I see the horror of terrorism and again the death of innocent children. As a father myself I look to the future not for myself but for that of my son. It concerns me as to how stupid people are and that they mindlessly seek to support that which will kill them. All in the name of a poorly though out Ideal.

France (I have been there 3 times) is now a country in complete flux and there is nowhere safe. There are 4.8M Muslims in France and although many of them wonderful French people they also are not safe. It is not a point but the terrorists first victim was Muslim. I have very good friends in other countries who find these acts Abhorrent.

There was a discussion on Facebook a few days ago with people saying he was just a mad man and not a terrorist and people mixing in comments about Hanson and Aboriginal activists around this issue in France. There is simply no correlation between the two and it is now proven that the terrorist was in fact acting as a sleeper for ISIS. Yes, there is an indirect relationship by way of what some people are trying to prevent and some people say doesn’t exist

Here is the point behind this, I was reading last week about a young western journalist who wanted to imbed himself in ISIS to get a scoop… he got it and he went about it in a very sound covert military way. He didn’t shave, he accepted Mohammed as his saviour and he became a part of a mosque and started attending as a pupil of Islam. Why is it so inconceivable to those who prefer to only see the beauty of the world… because that this is exactly what the terrorist did!

It has been confirmed that he was a soldier of Islam… he was not a current devotee but was chosen for this task…I believe that a proper background check will find that he was possibly madrasah educated at the age of 12-13. If you were planning a mass event of this nature would you show your true colours or would you be like the reporter above… I am ex-military I would act like the reporter above but covertly reverse…not going to or attending a mosque. I would appear like any normal but slightly disturbed person who has the everyday problems many people have… I would have a normal job.

I hear that this is all the fault of America and Great Britain for entering into the war with Iraq… rubbish! The background to this is not 10-15-20 years or even a century it goes back more than 1500 years to the tribal days of the mid-east. It is represented in folk tales and teachings and is supported by the passages of the Koran.

People need to start recognising this for what it is… why do the radicals use the language of tradition…because they are fighting traditional war! They are fighting for something they have been fighting for almost since time began. As cinema goers we sit and watch movies which carry story A and the sub story B… understanding perfectly what we are watching…Good v’s Evil, a love story, a story of character development… why then, can’t we see this for exactly what it is.

I come back to the beginning… children and their innocent slaughter… you see those children didn’t have a choice. They were where they were because of the decisions their parents made. I am not having a go at the parents I am looking at the matter of intent and maliciousness. The terrorist didn’t care…he was a father himself but that didn’t matter…choice didn’t matter. Nothing matters to these people. It is pure Evil that they personify. They only way to fight pure evil is with equal.

It was said by Edmund Bourke that for evil to triumph it only required good men to do nothing. That is what is happening here… we are caught up in a good v’s good allowing evil to win matter. I feel sorry for Muslims who want to live a normal life but this must be stopped and must be stopped at all cost…not just for us but for other Muslims who are normal and loving people.

I see three things as absolutely necessary… unrelenting resolve and willingness to complete this task… no more Vietnams please, only a winner takes all approach can do this …we haven’t seen that since 1945. I understand that there will be collateral damage…but what are we seeing now! A coalition (Western & Muslim) presentation and not like what we see currently with a lipid and useless UN. Lastly, stopping at all cost the development of Madrasah content or teaching. I won’t say I am an expert but I do understand how easily some are drafted, manipulated and eventually brainwashed into do what is justified by teachings. Especially when there is nothing else in life as an example.

I don’t want to see another child die, but as a realist who has travelled extensively I know that is too much to ask. But what worries me more than anything is the way people blindly believe that there is nothing wrong and that anyone who expresses a concern with this is automatically a racist or is vilifying someone. I spoke with one of these people personally on IM who simply didn’t believe “my attitude and how I lacked in political correctness.” I asked her after 10 minutes how old she was; 27 and where had she been to: nowhere, but what did that have to do with anything? … after 30 minutes I asked her to look at a photo…a child who was waiting to die with an African condor sitting in the background waiting…she broke down. I then directed her to look at a video of 13-year-old girl who was gang raped by over 20 Muslim men and taken outside to be stoned because she dared to walk to school alone … suddenly it became apparent to her that her beautiful world wasn’t so beautiful and that it was she who needed an attitude change. Modern politics and correctness (should I say supposed correctness) have a lot to answer for. Tell those children who died about political correctness or moreover, their parents who survived!