2. Aug, 2016

Why, as a Nation, are we so stupid? Part1.

It is a question we really need to ask ourselves. Why? Because we have become a Nation of suckers! As voters it's now imperative because we are losing control of our country and everything that has been fought for over nearly 200 years. What we need to remember is the spirit that defined and grew this country with a large sacrifice that none of us is able to repay… the ANZAC spirit, the spirit of the men and women who freely gave everything.

What are some of the issues?:

Gas… I always remember that silly saying, "save money fart in a jar!" Soon we will have to! Can you believe there is a shortage of gas and yet we are either the largest or second largest net exporter of gas and we give it away literally! Don’t believe me then read this article. I don’t have anything to say other that why are we doing this? Read on…

FTA’s are by their very presence stupid and costly. Australia has lost more than it has gained by them. So why do we aggressively work on these things…surely we don’t need to tell BHP or any large company or medium size business whose lot is to do business overseas how or when or why or who to do business with… they have been doing for as long as it has been able to be done.  FTA’s do only a few things…they lower quotas and tariffs and allow the quicker adaption to trade. It said that they create National wealth through trade and build a strong economy and jobs … or do they? The answer is NO! As for creating wealth and exports, ask a farmer (many types), a fruit grower, a fisherman a lobster catcher, a milliner, a car maker, a boot maker, a steel worker, a manufacturer… I can go on. It not about the tariffs… it’s about the COGM in COGS (cost of goods manufactured/sold) … we simply don’t have $300-400 a month labour! It is about protection in the case of the farmers and growers… but what, do we get in the alternative … remember above…GAS!

We have educated ourselves out of Jobs and destroyed TAFE as the means of creating jobs going forward. The smart country, hell no! Were so stupid we can’t even learn from history, recent history for that matter.  It is now recognized that we have so many people holding degrees that they have become worthless. I have touched on this matter before. But what is worse is how we have allowed our politicians and bureaucrats over the past 5-10 years to screw completely at a cost of nearly $1b the TAFE system which is the very thing that will allow us to develop new technologies and infrastructure and innovation. But we also cripple our manufacturing and industry as we do it. Are we blind, deaf, dumb and stupid holding a fully loaded gun to our heads on a cliffs edge while we allow 1 billion raging beasts to race at us like Lemmings. Have we no survival instincts at all for our next generation and next generations after them! It appears so, God forbid some child of the future wants to know how to temper steel, design a hull, build and engine to make a space ship like those in the aptly named Star Trek. If they wanted an English School come Tourism hop, why not just set one up instead of using a TECHNICAL COLLEGE!

Jobs & Mining are linked to the coal debate. How simply because we should have really seen the writing on the wall 20 years ago and started moving to a renewables based economy then… firstly lets correct one aspect of that statement… the economy is split on its basis for employment. When this is said it is assumed we are talking about a sector so sectors need to be compared for value and return. A sector could be tourism vs mining.

Coal mining specifically is in decline and will stay so. The reasons are simple, other economies are moving while we had and are staying focused on fossil fuels.  China will be a cleaner economy than us by 2030 and that’s really saying something because by 2005 they were the world largest polluter. We can say that there are jobs in mining but nowhere near as many as just the Great Barrier Reef alone. So as a cost and in value and return is mining worth more than the reef…NO! Sadly we can’t even bring ourselves to have the Nuclear debate. Moreover the argument about Fukushima and Chernobyl are thrown at anyone who wants to talk about it. Both are not relative as they are matters that involve in Fukushima’s case an earthquake on a fault and for Chernobyl gross human error.  But it’s the failure to engage the debate that is most destroying as it in in other matters. For example a dozen strategically placed sites with a 200klm buffer zone and purpose built with default failure mechanism would service 40% approximately of our power needs for many decades… but we needed to advance this debate 15-20 years ago. Simply put coal mining is dangerous for workers, a dangerous pollutant unless we advance to 3 stage burn technology…but we also need reserves for our future needs. Finally on this matter why do we need to give our resource based industries to foreign ownership with extremely poor environmental credential’s. It’s not simply a matter of capital, it comes to one of our basic lending and borrowing failures… making capital available! I truly pray for the day when mankind takes a hands on approach to things but with gentle hands.

The International Stage: How is a nation island state of 24 million people expect to be a world influence…it is simply farcical.   Yet our DFAT budget is past tens of billions of dollars… not including the billions spent on the even more farcical, Manus and Naru which are nothing more than incorrectly applied prisons. We spend hundreds of millions on making FTA’s… they are discussed earlier. But we can’t take care of our own aged care problem, our own youth disability problem, our own military veteran’s problem, our own homelessness problem.  We neglect pensioners, have children in detention and don’t look after our front line police and paramedics and ambulance people. These should be taken care of first.  I understand that we took a role in the UN but that was after a World War and we were a participant on the side of good. Are we so desperate for recognition that we neglect our own? The government tells us we must vaccinate our children and look after them… then why doesn’t the government look after the Australian people who are neglected, vulnerable and uncared for or is that another matter altogether!

There are so many things, State and federal duplication costs…in Medicare alone believed to be $10B alone. 45 visa’s and specialty visas for high wealth individuals…mainly property developers and mostly Chinese. Jobs in Australia should go to Australians first. Not protecting the value of home ownership and family especially young families… this alone could be handled with two adjustments in policy to see the introduction of median house pricing to negate negative gearing and the allowance of family trusts as true family wealth mechanism… reverse mortgages should be outlawed immediately! In Defence, we have allowed the government to cost us $1.5T in cleanup costs and they want hundreds of billions in new machines when the current ones are fine, they just need upgrades. But we don’t and won’t have the personnel to attend to them and moreover they in excess of need! Lastly energy and services that we as the public owned that are now in the hands of profit based corporation many from overseas and we pay through the nose for what we owned! Our belief in human nature and our lack of understanding of ideological differences. These are for pt2.

Why do we treat ourselves so badly…? I believe it comes from our past and involves a number of situations… first is our colonial past that we hang onto so tightly and our inability to adjust our constitution accordingly. Secondly and equally is our inability to have a debate and allow all parties a voice without laying some tag on them such as being racist or misogynist, worse still a bigot or uninformed. Thirdly and more so, is the absurd belief in the 2 party political system, it is very responsible for where we have come from recently and where we are and where we are going.  I do believe that power and money wants what it wants more power and more money. But government is about people and not the things of money and power, it is there to nurture and protect and be in control where it needs to be in control. We have lost our ability to care and to act responsibly, especially in this digital age where a 2 second response is required. Finally and ever so importantly now, I don’t believe Australian’s believe or are confident in themselves and take a new and better position. This comes from the dumbing down we have been made to have in the past 30-40 years. We have become content (safe) with TV, sport and mindless hours on the booze to the point we have become humiliatingly apathetic.  Not apart from our tall poppy syndrome… which leaves us characteristically out in the cold and having to buy back our own… don’t want to believe me ask someone like Dick Smith… he can also inform you of the truth.