13. Aug, 2016

Census... proud to be an Aussie?

It used to be that many countries looked to Australia as an advanced and well managed country of thinking people with abilities far beyond both our population and isolated location. Sadly that is not anymore.

Am I proud to be an Ozzie…you bet ya! But No I am not proud of what Australia has become!

The recent census points to this exactly, what a chronic failure. Just the phone lines crashing with calls alone would have sent alarm bells weeks prior to the actual census!

Having spent many years at the online community…for example I was one of the first if not the first to do online mortgage applications… I had an online publishing company far ahead of its time. One of the first things you learn about being a participant of the online community is a thing called redundancy. But I suppose it comes down to who is giving the brief and how it is then managed by that entity.

My point here is simple…the census was an obvious target and was very poorly designed at its brief and managed even more poorly…this is a problem in Government. For the Government to blame IBM or the service provider is simply moving the blame from where it should be… in context and as an example just look at the NBN and its design and roll out.  

Obviously no one thought about millions of people logging on at once… hence the usage design should have been over 2 weeks with 2-3 name sets (alphas) being on each day. Security and pipe size should have been managed much better and as for POV it should work in all browsers and screen adaptations. These things are simple enough to do and should be extensively tested prior to launch…so time was obviously an issue as well.

But more importantly this failure has added to the “against” argument for online voting…how MORONIC! Just get a better set of instructions (a brief) and don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. The question should really be why do we need a census? And please no BS about funding and knowing who is where… with Births Death and Marriages, Tax, Drivers Licenses, Bank Accounts and a myriad of other data at hand we definitely don’t need it…so why do we still have it…is it to do with more duplication at cost without need or is there some other sinister reason?