23. Feb, 2017

When are we going to learn?

I am starting back with this subject… Government departments!

Just look at the latest debacle with Centrelink. Did the government learn nothing from the census stuff up or the problems in health? Why cant the government (and I include the bureaucrats) hire a descent IT person and buy some reasonable communication? Oh, I forgot about the NBN!

We (those poor people who pay or paid taxes) should expect better value for our money. Moreover why are we taking from the poor to make the rich wealthier… isn’t the Robin hood principle the other way around…sadly there is never a jolly fellow in green tights and his band of merry men around when you need them!

Seriously though is the LNP (even though the underlying principle comes from the Hawke/Labor government) on some sort of march to nowhere? This will surely backfire on them in a big way with one of their major support groups, pensioners. I can understand targeting Newstart but never those who are pensioners or who have disabilities. Anyone who has worked 20+ years and requires a hand up should if medically required be established on a disability pension. The same problem occurs with veterans where if they are injured due to service they are then hounded by the system to prove it even though they have specialists and doctors who are clearly saying they are not medically capable of working.

I must also point out the cost of separate investigations to pit one doctor against another based on opinion is simply stupid…it flies in the face of sound medical and scientific evidence. Spending is a major problem in Australia and duplication is a huge expense. I don’t know the exact numbers for Centrelink but I have a reasonable estimate for DVA… its approximately $10-12M per annum. That is 400 fully funded TPI pensions at $30000 per annum… as against over 120 cases at the ATT which a major percentage are lost by the department based on sound medical and scientific evidence. I can only assume that in Centrelink the problem is at least 1000 fold.

But it is the human cost that is not really counted…and I suppose that is what hurts the most and does by far the more damage… people human rights are simply thrown out the window and the tenants of common law stepped upon so the government and its department can be seen to be doing something. Ask yourself a question…when was the last time you actually got a level of service from a government department, more over was it relevant? In more than 50% of cases I can assure you the answer is no and no.

It dove tails into the callous nature of government now and how mean Australia has become…but who is to blame? For me it’s the 2 party system and the stringent clinging onto older economics models and doctrines that are supported by donors. The failure is right across government and in all departments…it doesn’t matter where you look.

So what is the solution … I think a radical change is required as do a number of people now… you see government is only supported by 30-35% of the population and usually now by way of traditional voting… Representation has given way to policy and policy is driven by interest and money and power. It is time to look at who is better to govern the country, an interest in party politics or a representative of the people. I am talking about smaller parties, independents and such like who have representation for their electorate in the hearts and back pocket.