3. Mar, 2017

Rorting the public purse!

So you think politicians are taking us to the cleaners and rightly so… well hold on to something because this will buckle you at the knees.

The public service is now approaching 155000 in number and costs us nearly $55B PER ANNUM…this is just Federal…its duplicated again at a state level and almost again at a local level.

Statistically the horror show starts with the top 100 costing us more than $350M per annum.

What have they done for us because services have dropped, service levels have dropped and the public feel totally left out in the feeding lot. Everything is supposedly getting easier with computerisation, IT and so on… No its not and what is happening will confront anyone as being nothing more than a rip off.

You can look at any department… human services, health, education, immigration or foreign affairs or DFAT (I just love that one D FAT!), taxation, public finance and administration, defence …these are the big ones. Every one of them is in a shambles with cost overruns, reduction in services, and failures by the number. Just turn on your TV any night, read a newspaper or research on the internet.

The duplication is staggering… so is the failure that is duplicated.

Public servants are guaranteed a life job, a superannuation scheme second to none and the life of riley doing next to nothing. If they stub their big toe it’s a massive pay out and time off.

Scott Morrison and Joe Hockey previously talked about the age of entitlement and how it must come to an end…well there is something that must end and apart from the career of a number of useless politicians it is this culture of public service greed. We are told we need to employ the best… many people could do a better job at half the cost and would be happy doing so! So what has happened over the past ten years, just look at what $550B for the best has gotten us… $500B in debt…well done.

In the meantime much needed services to Veterans, the mentally ill and those with disabilities, pensioners, women in need and the homeless, support for youth and so on and on and on just keep dwindling.

This has nothing to do with the corporate pigs at the trough but don’t be misled… pigs are pigs! They just come in different shapes colours and sizes. Take for example the $50B tax cut going to companies of which anywhere between $8-14B will directly to banks. Like they need it?

These pigs also work together which is what the voting public need to learn… it doesn’t matter if you are a LNP pig or a ALP pig…they are still just PIGS! You see the LNP have their public sector unions and militant unions and the LNP pigs the corporate donors and supporters… so the public need to stop supporting this system of gluttony and start voting for something better…but that is also another subject.

…and it is all to support the pyramid of parliament (government) … yes from the PM down.