11. Mar, 2017

A new REPRESENTATION paradigm.

I believe many people are fed up with the current system and feel that it has only failed us so here is something to think about:

Let’s get rid of “Canberra” and parliamentary sittings…with IT today it is possible to have meetings and debates on the internet. There are several advantages to this. One is that we would cut the travel perks and benefits to politicians drastically. A second is that we would probably end up with less career politicians. Third we would have our politicians at their electorate where they belong. In the USA all federal politicians live in Washington…we could adopt the reverse of that. I believe it would be better as politicians would see far more of their electorate and its issues.

With this you would also have a lesser effect of Lobbyists… maybe they would disappear altogether.

Here another part of this paradigm that the politicians may feel very unhappy with ….24 hour surveillance of their building…back and front door to see who comes and goes. No more dinners and gifts… suddenly normal people would be running the country.

Oh, did I mention, no investments while in parliament…they can income split with their spouse or partner so they (not the member) can have investment properties or shares. But these must be declared fully with 30 days of purchase.

Let’s also ban donations completely…that would spell the end of party politics OMG REPRESENTATION AT LAST.

Now let’s see how will introduce these new ideas to Parliament… SILENCE!

Look at the photo ...you understand.