1. Sep, 2017

Why are we so stupid part 2.

Dear oh dear… I waited several week to watch various debate and as a commentator I am truly amazed.

Yes we are very stupid! We have been drawn away from issues that affect so many people only to be drawn into issues that affect very few people. But more importantly those issues can be dealt with however someone dying simply because a drug is not on the PBS. What if that person breakthrough is the very one needed to stop cancer? People don’t think like that!

Let’s look at a few of the matters:

Section 44 … well the law is the law, this one is a no brainer. When one makes application to stand for election section 44 is part of what you sign off on…so why aren’t the checks and balances done then?

Marriage equality… again the law says and it was also designed biologically that family and marriage is based in the relationship between a man and a woman. Simply amend the defacto laws and introduce a human right bill… Call it the same sex marriage bill if you wish. No one can tell anyone that they cannot fall in love or live a certain lifestyle… but why destroy something that has worked for such a long time… The old saying if it is not broke don’t fix it applies in this case. For the record I am voting yes but not because I believe in it!

Power… this is one of the greatest messes ever… no one getting on with the business. This is the madness of the climate change industry. Climate change has been happening for more than a billion years and it will go on happening… yes we have an impact, not denying that however that will not change the sun moon and stars at all. An asset rich nation we are but stupidity has cost us decades of what could have seen Australia as being socially the most advanced country in the world. Other nations have done the same and what have we learnt from it… nothing!

Opportunity lost… again on power, we had the opportunity 20 years ago to lead the world but squandered it away through single minded stupidity. We were so far ahead in renewables and could have set a 50 years plan then to transition but we didn’t and have lost out on three levels. It’s called a lack of planning and leadership. I refer to the Titanic… that is what Australia is in this regard and the captains and owners are doing the same thing to our country.

Why do we even consider ourselves an International country…we are not! Here is a statement directly for the bureaucrats and politicians. Cut the amount of overseas aid and stop looking at us running International standards and issues.  We have too many people doing it really tough here… pensioners, the ill, the homeless, youth. Aged care is a mess. Medicare & Human services are bankrupting us. Any country who will not take proper care of those who defend it is lacking in morality. Youth is our future and they need to be fostered and helped.

And so life goes on as does this stupid 2 party political farce and 3 tiers of government totally out of control. Spending… Spending…Spending but ever increasingly going backwards. If we could have 5 Royal commission to change our country that would be worthwhile they would be… Aged care, Child Custody, Veterans Affairs, Medical incompetence, Law and order. Make them open ended and make them accessible by mature and responsible people who know how to have a real discussion and debate. Then implement the findings… but that would be too sensible, wouldn’t it!

We need to start doing what is the right thing for the many and not what is simply popular for the few.