17. Sep, 2017

What is our biggest problem?

Is it ISIS and the belief that all Muslims are killers? Lest examine that… It is a well, established fact that more Muslims die at the hand of terrorists than anyone else. Yes we have all heard the saying that “not all Muslims are terrorists however all terrorists are Muslims.” Terrorists come in all forms and models from all ethnicities, religions and groups.

Is it that our government is insurmountably stupid? Well that is a big problem but it can be overcome by voting a government out, even a party government can be removed and replaced by Independents who serve their constituents, not themselves.   

Is it that our culture is being wiped from the face of the earth? Well that is another big problem, but it is also able to be reversed. Wiping out a culture is total and complete…somehow I don’t think the western life style, the Australian way of doing things is going away in quick time. But be alert!

This is what it really is…our (any individual) right to an opinion is being eroded completely. That erosion is not only coming in the way of legislation, interpretation of what should be law and our legislators listening to too many minorities and not looking after the mainstream public. It is coming from rent a crowd. Very aggressive and antagonistic rent a crowd. One of these is a group called ANTIFA who regularly can be found attacking (yes attacking) in groups the one or two people walking around wanting to show their opinion on a matter. These attacks can be extremely violent. They also attend Parades by groups wanting to have their opinion heard… usually violence erupts. More often than not any opinion in the alternative to theirs is drowned out.

Why is so bad for all of us… we don’t get to hear the alternative debates and points and like all thinking countries, people, we can make up our own minds. According to these groups we are not allowed to think, have an opinion, speak out or want to know anything other than their agenda. You would be interested to know who is behind these groups, who finances them, rents them? They are highly organised, well paid and covered for any and all situations with freedom rights lawyers and money to get out of jail. These people who own the rent a crowd would surprise you as to who they are… I suggest you google a few of these groups and do some reading.

Keep an open mind and secure your right to freedom of thought and speech.

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