16. Oct, 2017

Double Standards

What has happened to the world and more over to Australia? I am not a person who see’s thing by a sexist model, never have been. However double standards have become a standard now… it all started to happen somewhere around the mid 1980’s… no longer does what is right stand for anything but it has become a flip of a coin.  This ties in nicely with the news which today is anything but!

The most appalling of these double standards appear in Justice… What Justice? DOD spends $1.5 plus ongoing costs for gender transfers but it can’t spend $1 on Benzene Poisoned ex-service personnel…on top of that it will spend $1.5B cleaning up the civilian fuel and foam mess and has admitted to it. But it won’t say a word about how it has possibly killed several thousand of its own and has many suffering now with cancer and autoimmune diseases.

This applies also to all first responders… Police, Firefighters, Ambulance, and alike … will it soon be the case that no one will want these very necessary jobs? It’s not like the pay is brilliant… I have not met a first responder yet who does the job for money! So what will the public do when there are no firefighters, no Ambulance or police when the you know what hits the fan… and please without a defence force Australia is a sitting target… but hey you lot are more than capable…look after yourselves! Things would quickly change if 500 died in fires next year or the number dying in the streets doubled and trebled!

Jane Fonda has recently come out and said she had didn’t have the courage to speak up about Harvey Weinstein…however she certainly had the courage to speak up about the Vietnam war and disgraced the falling of over 58000 Veterans from her country. I am not a JF fan but I do not write this because of that. This is an appalling double standard.

On Hervey Weinstein and the casting couch, touchy feeling thing… again not my scene but it’s also not news….however go to a ‘Ladies’ stripper night and see the double standard in action! Yes I know it’s a strip show… however, most of the women are over 30, married and have children. I did a bit of security in my younger years … after 3 of these gigs I said no more. It was more a case of what didn’t happen than what did happen!

Recently and 8 month old baby girl was bashed by her mother… she got zero jail time. If it was a man he would have a min 24 months (again not enough) so what is going on here? Is a child’s safety worth more when a man is the abuser or a woman? It is only my opinion but any human being who does this deserves 20 years without down time.

There are so many other areas to this such as the climate debate… which by means of research appears to be nothing more than a business alternative run by those with capital looking for the next thing. Don’t get me wrong I am an advocate of a cleaner planet is a better planet, but the fact of this debate is that money matters more than reality. Methadone treatment is free but Cancer treatment is not! … I could raise more than 100 issues inside an hour but I think you get the point.

A friend of mine spoke with me last week on FB video and she was talking about a lot of this stuff and said, it was the lead from “the pink, pussy fart, left brigade” which amused me enormously. So I asked her to elaborate and what she said made sense. Alternatives are well funded, vigilant and determined. They make a lot of noise and shout down anyone else with an opinion. Why I asked…her answer was simple …there is more money and profit in alternatives than in everyday things. The rest of us are simply getting on with our lives and don’t have the time energy or money to get involved. So in essence we let this stuff flow along. Unless we start standing up as the majority then soon we will be silenced forever!