1. Nov, 2017

Queensland election.

Next week I will start a series on chasing the money a look at the failures of Australian politics and policy. It will be 4-5 in the series looking at where money has gone and how it has impacted us as a nation.

To this topic… we are off and running in a Queensland State election. It will be intriguing to see what happens. As time passes more and more people are walking away from 2 party politics. Interestingly if you look at the failures they can be attributed to both sides of the 2 party system in both the federal and state parliaments.

I must vote as I am a Queenslander… but finding a leader, a party or a representative to vote for is difficult… there are none. As a Gold Coaster there are any number of issues at hand.


State Issues:

I am a firm believer that the Adani mine is nothing but a disaster in the waiting.

Fracking must be ceased.

Policing needs a complete review.

Infrastructure and spending loss is astounding.

Donations must be ceased.

Regional growth is the real means of growing our economy.



Local issues:

Development is running rampant over our environment and public space.

Light Rail is a loss and there are far more important matters. The real rail issue and M1 are far more important both in financial impact and personal use factor just by sheer numbers alone.

M1 is a disaster and must be fixed from Robina to the border.

The airport has grown past its use and logistics applications, plus its toxicity is now a very damaging issue.