Why am I doing this?

My father and myself in 1979 the year I joined the RAAF.

There are a number of problems and matters of concern in Australia and there appears to be little done about them…often they are not discussed or are simply put aside as not being important. However as I listen to Australians (and I have spoken to hundreds this year alone) I hear many problems and have listed them in no specific order following.

Both Liberal and Labor, National and Greens seem unidentifiable any more. Their policies change regularly simply to chase the other in and out of government. Often these policies mimic the failures of other countries from 10-15-20 years ago. I have always likes the term talking heads because that all they appear to be. However they seem to be able to send this country further and further into debt, be torn apart socially and allow people’s lives to be destroyed by any number of means.  There is lack of care responsibility and empathy in public life now and that includes the public sector and public servants. I say this not to hurt anyone specifically. There is not enough debate and discussion about Equity and Equality and this is where we as a nation have failed the most.

Ideologically, the minor shifts with Fiscal and/or Monetary policy, does nothing but put the country into various spirals of Boom and Bust. The difference is simply one of education versus business. In honesty the business model works better but not by much. However neither party seems to understand the impact of spending and or monitoring and keeping tabs on spending. Spending is the use of tax dollars…your, Australians tax dollars. It appears that those spending our money do not have a clue. The spending waste is in the billions and approaching a trillion dollars in the past 15 years alone and it cannot continue. If it does we will be saddling our next generations with insurmountable debt and problems.

Take for example this matter of a plebiscite for marriage equality…why? It is divisive and the arguments will never see each other’s point of view… Why, because politicians want to be seen to be doing the right thing, but they won’t get involved in emotions and that is what this subject is about… Why can’t they just do the right thing and pass a bill on a conscious vote recognising same sex marriage? There is no need to waste millions of dollars on this… Who are these people to judge the right of love and marriage? I am a Christian in the true sense of the faith and I believe it is any human beings right to love and be loved by who they choose. In context the word of God (The Bible) speaks about this relative to your own faith and belief but not to judge.

Australians are sick and tired of career politicians simply filling space and simply being seen doing their job?  Moreover Australians are sick and tired of business politicians whose interests are misguided or selfish. What we need are parliamentarians who care about their community and their country, not the lurks, perks and fancy retirement…It used to be that government governed…what role does the government play now? 30 years ago and even 20 years ago we had direction, now it’s all about smoke and mirrors and puppetry.

This was once a great country of opportunity and filled with people of hope and character who worked hard and played hard, but enjoyed life. That is no longer apparent amongst the wider number of people.  Have we learnt nothing from history and do we not look at those nations whose outward and inward measures of satisfaction seem to be surpassing ours on a never ending slide backwards.

This is why I had wanted to stand as an independent senator. I wanted to serve up to 2 terms (approximately 12 years) so that many unanswered question and matters can be answered and resolved. I had chosen the senate because it is a house of conscience whereas the house of representatives is the mouth of the nation. Now the Veterans Party has requested I run in the lower house seat of Fadden, I am still running for the same reasons.