What has party politics done recently for Australia?

Party politics (the 2 party (really 4 parties) system including preference voting methodologies) has virtually destroyed this once great nation. The muck shovelling and the blame game has to stop. For nearly 2 decades now Australian politics has been governed not by the will of the people but by fractions within both parties. These fractions mandate what is to happen and how the country is to be run. 2 PARTY POLITICS IS PULLING AUSTRALIA APART! and its as simple as we have lost REPRESENTATION FOR PEOPLE.

Parties are facing their lowest interest factor since federation and this say’s  a lot about where the country is going. The perception is that pre selections are a joke and in some cases they are. But rigging is the problem and politicians staffers who are entrenched in party politics is a part of the problem that is causing real effect within our countries direction. It is also the reason that the public are taking less interest, sadly.

Our population demographic has changed and this also brings with it a lack of understanding of how valuable your vote is. I know for years that my catholic upbringing and my father’s work tended to send me toward being Liberal and taking the side of conservative politics. It is after a number of years that I have realised that party politics is not about people it’s about money. New comers and immigrants to our country need to be educated as do our youth about voting and how important your vote is…not to simply and blindly follow a party point because some sense of the past appears to say that it is the right thing to do…the right thing to do is follow with your conscience.

The effect of this is to see the big business end of town getting what they want or large unions and welfare recipients getting what they want. Interestingly the big end of town wins no matter what… the measures adopted go too  far and a percentage of the population moves and votes the other way. Election are won this way and by simply tweaking a policy rather than doing what is in the best interests of all we end up going through bust and boom.  A small minded look at the big picture you say. Here’s how simple it is – at the end of a week a family has so much to spend from the pay wage… some goes to rent or mortgage, some to food and some to utilities and necessities such as a family car. If anything is left over it could be used to save (important word) for a holiday or but some luxury item or good or maybe make life a little easier… it is the same for business and it should be the same for government. But it isn’t we are spending more than we are earning and using credit to pay for it, but the bill is getting larger and larger and the size of the debt also.

So is spending the problem, not necessarily unless it overruns, is inappropriate or useless or simply redundant by the time it comes into effect… Where or how and in some cases who the money is spent is a problem. Especially if faction directed, that is simply unfair and improper it may even be criminal. I will speak more about this in other areas.