Youth & Young people

What kind of society we are is reflected in our youth and it is a sad indictment on Australia when it comes to youth. Youth are probably the most disenfranchised members of society today. They lack an adequate education. Jobs are not as easy or as long term as they used to be. Life has more uncertainties and planning for a normal life, finding or buying a home and having a family is far more difficult.

I cringe when I hear politicians say things like “That’s too bad” when asked about Jobs for young people. The reason there are no jobs for young people is simple…too many degrees and not enough training and technical skills training such as TAFE.

Combine that with a lack of attention to areas of the economy that create more jobs such as renewables and tourism that young people find much more enjoyable and there you have it… that’s why there are no jobs… no foresight and no care and no responsibility by Politicians!

The recent submarines contract is an excellent example of this. Of the billions being spent on this specific defence program only South Australia and Western Australia received some of the funding that will be spent In Australia. Queensland submitted funding proposal for some of this spending but received nothing. Yet Queensland has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in Australia. More specifically Townsville has a marine precinct very suitable for this purpose and is a military town. It also has very high youth unemployment and has recently had a bad run on jobs and jobs losses.