Our first people...the forgotten ones.

To say sorry was a correct and good thing to do however there is a need to resolve and finalise this debate in Australia and overseas so that as Australians we can move forward. There needs to be a constitutional recognition of the Aboriginal people being acknowledged as the spiritual custodians of their land.

It is impossible to undo what has been done but to continue blame games and name calling is simply folly in a modern society. To say that Australia was invaded not correct and to describe a generation as stolen is also not correct. Many who came to this country came in chains under the demand of the British prisons and colonial system…that is where any blame should be laid. Likewise it was considered at the time best practice to remove children from single mothers during the post war period up until the mid seventies.

To blame what was socially and policy acceptable action is to blame everything that was relevant at that time. The care and love given to many of those children is what in most cases makes Australia a great country. It is only sensible to say that any child, Aboriginal, Irish, Italian or Greek who was taken from its mother during that period is one that is stolen… I for one can attest to the wonderful nature of being stolen as I was adopted to a caring and loving set of parents.

Aborignal people are as human and as loving and caring as any people I have come across in my travels. They are generous and giving and can teach us many things about this country and its wonderful environment & nature. The problem is that they have a voice but are not being heard ... they are not heard because Australians dont seem to listen.

There is a need to respect and assist Aboriginal people to feel more a part of Australia. Education, opportunity and access to support needs to be equal, fair and accessible so that Aboriginal people feel more a part of than separated from Australia. Access to funding for special programs needs to be in place along with an adopt and adapt attitude from both sides. Aboriginal culture and language needs to be fostered. For example my son is Thai and Australian, it is my desire that he has a deep and meaningful understanding of his identity, both Thai and Australian.