My Grandfather was a 10 Pound immigrant... he was leaving a decimated, country, home and life!

We have fallen behind other growing countries such as Canada by being silly regarding our intake of both professional and other immigrants as well as our approach to sourcing immigrants. Our approach to asylum seeking immigrants is also wrong. 

There is no doubt that the stop the boats policy is both right and correct. There is no point in allowing people to die simply so people smugglers can make a massive profit.

We need to approach immigration with a more positive starting point such as follows. We need to increase our intake of both normal immigrants and asylum seekers. I suggest an initial increase of another 10% of asylum seekers and 20 % by way of normal immigration.

Some of these can be sourced via a New Zealand styled model where after 2 years a person and or family can come to Australia.

I do not believe detention is a sound model and as such we need to look at a suitable model that would work. A homestay styled model could work well and be beneficial from many aspects.    

I have the utmost of respect for John Howard in this regard who after the Tampa incident negotiated a deal with New Zealand and sent the 433 refugees there... Many have now become excellent Australian citizens and apparently he supervised that matter on a personal level.