Technology & Innovation

Technology is a massive driver of economies and Australia has a very poor record in this field. Renewables is the latest example of this.

What is the point of having Innovation if it not adequately funded and if we are innovative what is the point if it merely disappears overseas for the profit of others or by individuals making better money overseas.

Poor administration of these matters has also placed Australia in a poor position, take for example the fiasco of the insulation policy by the Rudd government and the NBN as set down by both the Liberal and prior labor government… this is policy on the run which when dealing with a technology and innovation is a spending nightmare.

There needs to be established a national body that carries the Authority and ability to promote renewables and it should be funded with $750M-$1B so it can move renewables onto the front foot creating 2-3 generations of innovation and jobs.

However where there are excellent technologies and innovation we seem to fail such as solar power and inverter technologies. One example is the exchanger on hot water and air conditioner which has failed to be introduced her but is working well in many European and Asian countries.   Combined with solar and other renewable this product alone creates less fossil fuel usage and creates many jobs and business opportunities.