Manufacturing & Industry

The current problems surrounding Arrium have shown Australia’s exposure to the decrease in manufacturing and Industry. This is a basic failure of Government liberal or Labor and has a massive social and financial effect on every day people.

Failure by government policy and I target here specifically the Button Plan have had an impact on Australia that has not been favourable… lost industry, lost jobs and in many cases for no reason. One factor that is apparent is that there has been a loss of our middle class and wealth that lines up directly with these failed policies. Apart from that there is the lesser quality of goods coming to this country for which we have paid very greatly.

Skills have been lost and the opportunity for jobs and innovation and developing profit via export sales in this country is there… we simply don’t use or apply it any more. We have lost the car industry recently and the spare parts will follow. Household goods were manufactured here in large quantities until about 2000. Only last month the last OZ made refrigerator rolled off the line. We nearly lost SPC.  In the past decades we have lost areas of manufacturing and industry such as shoe and boot making, clothing and undergarments. Our timber industry has died even with the advent of forestry programs and renewable resources.  The food production industry including farming and processing and canning has been in decline for 20 years. In the distant past aircraft manufacturing was a flourishing industry.

Successive governments have failed to stem job losses in these areas when in fact we still need these jobs. All this to meet targets set by outside sources such as the IMF and world bank… having travelled extensively I can confirm that many Australians now live on poverty lines that are the same word wide. All because Manufacturing and Industry has been moved to other countries. We need and must keep some aspects of manufacturing in all areas even if for the skills… ask a country like Germany to stop its car production (manufacturing) and see what would happen? Moreover Sweden still produces cars, aircraft and other mechanical products and has a better life style rating and stronger economy than ours.