By International standards Australia is a very pristine and natural country. However we are doing our best to destroy what makes this country majestic and wonderful. Environment and Tourism are definitely linked.

Mining, fracking and the endless pursuit of fossil fuels and their extraction and use specifically for selling overseas is draconian and detrimental to other far better and more profitable business and employment opportunities. Tourism and renewables hold 4 times as many jobs at a minimum and are making a move forward internationally at a far greater rate than here is Australia. Our thinking is 20 years behind on this.

Shipping, ports and rail transport links on coastal areas as well as some coastal farming are proving to be detrimental. We need to look at this on the basis of what can be lost, not what is gained in the short term by way of a little employment and trade. Approvals for major projects in Mining need far more stringent review and research and consultation.

For the multi reasons of the environment, tourism and employment and our economic future we need to protect many of Australia’s national treasures such as the Great Barrier Reef, Rainforests of Northern Queensland and Tasmania, Carnarvon, Olgas, Bungle Bungles, Ningaloo, Monkey Mia / Shark Bay, Blue Mountains, Snowy Mountains. There are other areas and places also that need consideration and protection.