As a pristine country with so many things to see and do we need to protect our country for this growing and developing industry. New Mining approvals and contracts, Shipping and rail links need to be correctly reviewed and not simply passed to bring on possible jobs at the loss of jobs and home profits from tourism.

We only need to look north to the now 400 million middle class in China with disposable income. ASEAN is also coming on line this year and will grow like Europe did. As it grows Australia will reap the benefits of tourism.

However we need to control ownership of involved parties so that the real wealth of tourism is predominantly spent here and creates jobs and development and infrastructure. I remember well the tour buses on the Gold Coast in the late 1980’s and 1990’s that were pre-booked and virtually hog tied into foreign owned business and hotels without being able to venture and see like normal tourists.

Many people underestimate tourism and generally to their own detriment. Tourism includes all aspects of hospitality including hotels, B&B’s, resorts, transport, car rental, airlines, restaurants, tours and sightseeing. It also employs many IT people, holiday sellers, cooks, chefs, baristas, wait staff, cleaners, receptionists… and its a 24 hour industry. I think you get the message.

Tourism on the Reef alone generates $6-7b in revenue per year and creates approximately 70000 jobs from 1.8 million visitors.